Less is more is an awareness exercise that can help you see want you want less of in life and what you want more of to replace it with. This exercise helps you to explore yourself, your behaviour, your thought patterns, your habits, your blocks, your desires, your beliefs and conditions etc.

Here is an example of what can come up….

Less in your head – More in your body

Less connecting with tech devices such as phones – More connecting with nature

Less listening to others – More listening to your inner voice

Less worrying – More being at peace

Less following the crowd – More being assertive with what you want to do

Less striving for perfection – More being content

Less buying clothes you don’t really need – More gratitude for what you already have

Less blaming others – More taking ownership

Less chaos – More calm

Less being fearful – More taking risks

Less gossiping – More being mindful of speech

Less television – More exercise

Less being lazy – More being disciplined

Less being frivolous with money – More being prudent

Less multitasking – More one job at a time

To do this exercise first of all take some deep breaths, relax your shoulders and close your eyes. Spend a few minutes just following your breathing and just being as still as you can. This helps as the more relaxed and in your body you are, the more you allow yourself to connect to your intuitive self. Then without thinking just write whatever comes with Less of what you want first and then More to replace it. There are no right or wrong answers so write whatever fits for you. Have fun with it, play with it and really make it your own.

Once you’ve completed the exercise you can be creative and draw pictures, add photos etc, whatever feels right for you. You can then put this up on the wall in your home to remind you of what you want less of and what you want more of so you can start to make the changes you wish to see in your life. This short exercise can help you restore your balance, provide clarity and it can also help you explore further of how you want to live your life and who you want to be.

So Be Broad-minded and be transformed into your own

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