Leadership Coaching

“With an open mind we truly see all perspectives with different eyes”


This area of coaching is for leaders of small businesses to have some time set aside for self-reflection in order to gain an improved awareness of self for the benefit of themselves and the business. We also offer the option of adding on bespoke wellness sessions involving movement and mindfulness to help with energy, clarity and focus. 


  • New ventures/expansion/restructure 
  • Work/life balance 
  • Working relationships/communication 
  • Roles and responsibilities 
  • Purpose and passion
  • Stagnation and stress


Leadership Coaching (SMB) – £125 per session

Block of 6 sessions = £600 (£100 per session)

Bespoke Wellness Sessions available on request – see Wellness section for more info.

Workplace Wellness Coaching

This is available on request and involves coaching staff in small to medium businesses in order to get the best from your employees whilst also having a harmonious working environment. 

Broad-minded Coaching incorporates a great focus on wellness in the workplace and the coaching sessions will be about improving all aspects of the employees mental wellbeing in order for staff to feel relaxed, focused, happy, healthy and motivated. 

“When we let go of the noise we can hear our true self singing” 

The coaching can have many benefits and can improve many skills; 

Leadership skills 

  • Greater self-awareness 
  • New ideas, perspectives and insights 
  • Higher levels of empathy and self-control 
  • Improved wellbeing – Less stressed 
  • Improved emotional intelligence 
  • Enhanced performance 
  • Stronger communication 
  • Open-minded thinking/direction 
  • Improved leadership skills  
  • Increased levels of motivation  


Email – lee@broad-minded.com

Mobile – 07723-357-792


  • Performance/potential/career pathing  
  • Communication/dynamics  
  • Wellness/work life balance  
  • Value/growth/personal development  
  • Transition into new roles/restructure 


  • Feelings of being valued/more resilient  
  • Increased efficiency/focus/motivation 
  • Changed mindsets/being open-minded/positive environment  
  • Better retention/satisfaction  
  • Less absence/Increased profits  
  • Better communication and engagement with staff  

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