Life Coaching

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“When we take the time to go within we can then find what we are looking for in order to move forward”


All of the areas of coaching that Broad-minded delivers follow a familiar theme where the approach is about guiding, encouraging and challenging you to be truly aware of yourself. Broad-minded focuses on using your intuitive self and also on the importance of wellness in order to nurture yourself into a space of being your true self. Over at least 6 sessions (once a month) you will work towards your own inspirational goal that has great meaning in how you want to be in life.


  • Health and wellbeing 
  • Relationships 
  • Career/Work 
  • Personal Development 
  • Starting a new venture


  • Manifesting, achieving and sustaining an inspirational goal
  • Being accountable and feeling empowered
  • New insights/learnings about how you perceive yourself
  • Breaking, changing and developing new patterns/habits
  • Reframing perspectives about yourself
  • Increased motivation and sense of wellbeing
  • Moving out of your comfort zone and daring to risk through a step by step approach

Free 20 minute Discovery Call

Please do get in touch for an informal chat regarding what Coaching is,  what’s involved and how I can help you. Plus any questions you may have in order to see if Broad-minded Coaching fits for you.

Sessions and Pricing

Payment is in advance with a monthly payment plan option. All sessions are 60-75mins in total. A minimum of 6 sessions are required in order to really benefit from the coaching for the long term.

Due to the cost of living rises I am temporarily reducing my prices to make it more affordable in these challenging times. I feel personal development and wellness for ourselves is an essential ingredient in order to function and be at one with self, with positivity. This is especially important in these ever changing times so I feel my reasonable pricing reflects this for what I deliver.


First Session £45

£65 reduced from £70 for each session or block book 6 sessions for a discount

6 sessions online = £360 (£60 each)

6 sessions face to face = £420 (£70 Each)

15% Discount for NHS (£55.25 each)

50% Discount for concessions

(£35 each)

On completion of 6 sessions you will have the option of receiving a free 60min 1-1 Wellness session. This is a bespoke session that involves Movement, Mindfulness and Meditation.

Express – Develop – Inspire