Coaching in the Community

Coaching in the community (3rd Sector) is all about helping Young People grow and be confident in themselves and develop their potential. We want to help young people by offering 1-1 professional coaching that is confidential, nurturing and productive. The coaching is in line with the International Coaching Federations code of ethics in order to maintain high standards.

This area covers many different types of young people.  There are lot of charities and community interest companies who support people and we could help you. In essence it’s about coaching and empowering young people who may be at a disadvantage in society, they may need some support/direction in some shape or form for a variety of reasons.

Young People

  • Unemployed / low income
  • Have a disability
  • A Learning condition 
  • Starting a business
  • In training
  • Transition from University/College

“Explore yourself to further yourself, we all have the tools within ourself to empower ourselves forward”



  • Increased self awareness
  • Better self care and sense of wellbeing
  • A sense of belonging and self worth
  • Direction, purpose and focus
  • More responsible and accountable for themselves 
  • Better boundaries and self-respect 
  • More resilient and engaged in society 
  • An improved positive mindset 
  • Better discipline and enthusiasm 
  • Improved outlook on life


£50+ per 1-1 Coaching session for Young People(participants of projects​) As well as staff from Charity/Community Interest Companies.


Express – Develop – Inspire